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The Power of Experience

Serving greater Colorado Springs, ProCom Electrical Services, Inc. is a full-scale electrical contractor providing commercial and industrial clients with superior services. Independently operated, our electricians are capable of handling small, medium, and large projects.

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Powerful standards

Not all electrical contractors operate at the same level. ProCom sets the standard when it comes to electrical services, making certain our work matches your needs and idea of professionalism.

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Commercial and Industrial Expertise

All of our technicians are highly skilled and licensed, providing you with the assurance that our work is solid. Since founding ProCom, we have operated with strict standards and a great work ethic. Nothing is more important than being professional, especially when it comes to our industry.

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Design Expertise

There's a lot more to designing an electrical plan than one might realize. Our team works to ensure all of your requirements and needs are met regardless of the project, renovation, or job.

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Public & Private Work

ProCom is responsible for many projects and countless miles of electrical cable work. Clients come to us specifically for our reputation and ability to do the work correctly.

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